9 Secret Beaches Revealed – Stress Relieve Guaranteed

Warning: This article contains powerful images!

Do not continue reading if you do not intend to see authentic, magical places that take your breath away. The side effects of reading this could be that you feel inspired to book the holiday of your dreams.

The best medicine for a lot of illnesses is traveling. And you know that this is true. One thing is certain, if this medicine can solve problems like stress, then I have the perfect elixir: The following 9 places around the world. The only thing you have to do is travel to these places and do this treatment for a few days.

In this article, I will show you unforgettable beaches. Beaches that are so relaxing that they will make your heart beat so slowly. Magic places that made me feel grateful to have found paradise on earth.

Be prepared to be solely and exclusively in contact with mother nature.

Start packing your bag, these places are less known… still…

Villa Alta Beach (Siquijor - Filipinas)

This beach is part of the secret diamonds of the Philippines. I stayed on this little island for one week together with three friends I got to know at a cooking class in Bangkok, Thailand. They had found Villa Alta, a place run by locals, far from any villages. A bungalow in Villa Alta only costs 4.50 dollars per day per person and it featured without a doubt the best view I ever had when I woke up. The kitchen was on the balcony and every evening I cooked while looking at this beach.

The color of the water and all the reefs you can find there are the icing on the cake. Furthermore, you can also access this Philippine paradise with the Kiwi Dive Resort where you can rent your equipment for snorkelling or diving to have an even more intense experience.

Month and year of visit: March 2017

Where did I stay: Villa Alta. I stayed one week here and I loved to say in this place

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Kailua Beach (Oahu - Hawaii - USA)

This is paradise on earth and the beach you have always dreamed of! Here you can close your eyes and the only thing you will hear is mother nature.

While the white, clean sand, the relaxing Hawaiian atmosphere, the palm trees with coconuts and the temperature of the ocean already make this beach one of the best I have been to in my life, the colour of the water is so pure that there are not many places in the world to compare with. Probably only the waters of Lake Pukaki in New Zealand come close to it.

This wonderful place really stands out of all the other beaches I visited during my one-week visit to the island Oahu in Hawaii.

Moreover, this beach is situated only 3 km from Lanikai beach, which is in the top 3 of the best beaches in the United States of America. It is more touristic, however, there are good waves to surf and all the conditions a tourist needs (sanitary facilities).

Month and year of visit: August 2016

Where did I stay: I had an amazing Couchsurfing experience.

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Samoqueira Beach (Porto Covo - Portugal)

I “grew up” on this beach, in a village known to Portuguese people, but still unknown to the majority of foreigners visiting Portugal.

First of all, this is my favourite beach in my country and it’s the place where I can find peace for some hours.

This paradise close to the Atlantic has grottos accessing little beaches and two small waterfalls where I take a shower with fresh water after coming from the sea.

Month and year of visit: April, May, September, Oktober every year

Where did I stay: I have a house here.

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Lambug Beach (Cebu - Filipinas)

Lambug beach is still a less visited corner of the touristic island of Cebu in the Philippines. It is possible to buy a drink in a small wooden house at the beach and strolling on the sand of this Philippine gem. The water is crystal clear, however, full of life under the surface.

Finally, one of the best sunsets on earth is without a doubt at this beach…

Month and year of visit: March 2017

Where did I stay: Emok’s Guest House. I stayed 3 nights here and the owners even allowed me to cook portuguese food for all the guests. You can find the Guest House here.

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Coral Beach (Koh Ta Kiev - Cambodia)

Imagine an island with only a few wooden bungalows, without shops, streets or any overland transport. A place where you are completely isolated and in perfect harmony with nature. In addition to that, you can swim at night and see shimmering plankton in the water or have a beach just for yourself where you can go on a swing. Yes, this place really exists and it is called Coral beach in Koh Ta Kiev in the south of Cambodia.

Month and year of visit: February 2017

Where did I stay: The Last Point Hostel. Definitely the Hostel with the best environment I experienced in Cambodia. If you want to experience a dorm without walls, with plenty contact with the nature. This is the place.

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Tanjung Rhu Beach (Langkawi - Malaysia)

The island of Langkawi was my last stop in Malaysia before entering Thailand on my first journey around the world. While it was only meant to be a stopover, it turned into one of the most fantastic places I have visited so far. Most of all because it is a less touristic island, which became clear at Tanjung Rhu beach. I wanted a peaceful, quiet place and I found it there. A wide stretch of sand to the water and a lovely view turned this beach into my favourite one in Malaysia.

Month and year of visit: January 2017

Where did I stay: Best Seven Inn and Gelam Inn Motel Langkawi. The first hotel was is Kuah, pretty close to the port to take a ferry to Koh Lipe Island in Thailand. The room was good and I could find a rental car for a great price at the hotel. My second stay in Langkawi it was in Kampung Kedawang close to the airport. The room at this Motel was super comfortable and there was delicious street food close by.

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Langob Beach (Malapascua - Philippines)

The island of Malapascua is situated only 6.8 km from the northernmost point of the island of Cebu in the Philippines and it is the smallest island I have ever been to. With only 2 km per 800 m, it is paradise on earth. On this island, I chose Langob beach as it is exactly on the opposite side of where the boats from the main island of Cebu arrive and where there are several resorts, restaurants and diving schools. The north coast of the island is much more calm with only a little village once in a while. Therefore it is perfect to relax, just listen to the ocean and later interact with some locals. Langob beach is my favourite beach in Malapascua.

Month and year of visit: February 2017

Where did I stay: I stayed in a small bungalow of a local family close to the port that connects Malapascua and the main island of Cebu.

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Qixingtan Beach (Xincheng - Taiwan)

This beach made me realize how lucky I was to have visited this corner of the island of Taiwan. Qixingtan beach is not very far from Taroko National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks of Taiwan. With easy access from Hualien, the closest city, this beach at the Philippine Sea is most of all an inspirational place. My fascination about this beach without sand made me return more than once and going for a long walk at the sea.

Buy some dumplings in the city and make a picnic at the beach. You will never forget that view.

Month and year of visit: April 2017

Where did I stay: I had really nice Couchsurfing experience in Hualien.

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Moreton Island (Australia)

Moreton Island is a jewel in the southeast of Queensland in Australia and the place I recommend most to visit in this country. While it is the third-largest sand island in the world, it also has the highest coastal sand dune on earth which you can slide down on a toboggan. There are two possibilities to travel to the island: With a Jeep or on foot. The roads are tracks of sand or earth made to access the different parts of the island.

The island is full of paradisiacal beaches and places to camp. Take a fishing rod and a good wine with you. You will keep these memories for all your life!

Be prepared to visit beaches with names like Honeymoon Bay… The name says everything… You arrived to paradise.

Month and year of visit: September 2016

Where did I stay: I was camping here. Definitely an incredible experience. If you want to see the Milky Way in its full splendour  on a clear night, you are in the right place.

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A cure was found and you can take this medicine in great quantities. I take full responsibility for my words! I even say: The more, the better.

I visited these places in those months of the year that allow experiencing this peace. It is getting more and more difficult to find places like these that make our holiday dreams come true. This is a list of 9 beaches in different parts of the world. Share with me the beaches you were impressed with and made you feel the same way I did. I am eager to visit them.

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