The Best Travel Websites You Need To Know About

Have you already wondered how some people manage to travel around the world without spending a fortune? There are websites that help you find flights at prices you never thought would be possible. Moreover, you can book hotels and hostels at the best rate, or even stay somewhere for free. Also regarding transports, when you know where to search, you can find budget prices on anything from rental cars to bus tickets. I have already used all websites mentioned below, so I can safely recommend them. They will help you have an amazing experience by traveling smart!


Whenever I am searching for flights, skyscanner is my first source. Especially helpful are the options to search from country to country instead of having to choose a specific airport or to show the cheapest month instead of having to set a certain date. Moreover, you can search for rental cars and hotels here. Also available as an app.



Kayak is a travel search engine for flights, hotels, rental cars and holiday packages. It is a good option when you want to book a whole holiday package with flight and accommodation or when you want to connect multiple countries with flights in one journey. Also available as an app.


Momondo is a global travel search engine for flights, hotels and rental cars. Furthermore, it offers the nice options Trip Finder and Inspiration, if you don’t really know yet where your next journey should be going. Also available as an app.



Google Flights

Google flights is a good source for searching flights. Here you can select up to 5 airports near you to find the cheapest option.

Holiday Pirates

Holiday pirates is a bargain travel site where you can find incredibly cheap flights, hotels, rental cars or whole holiday packages. Most of the time those are offers limited in time or so-called error fares that will be corrected shortly after. So on this page you need to be quick, but then you can save a whole lot of money! Also available as an app.


Booking is the “google of accommodation”, so to speak. Here you can find almost 1.5 million accommodations in nearly all corners of the world. The offer ranges from simple hostels to cosy guest houses to luxury resorts. The website is easy to navigate and often you can even cancel for free. Also available as an app.

Hostelworld is the biggest online platform for hostels with 35,000 accommodations in more than 170 countries. If you are travelling on a low budget and want to meet new people, this is the right place for you. Also available as an app.

Agoda is a search engine for accommodation and flights. It has a great offer especially for Southeast Asian countries, but also anywhere else in the world. Also check for “Today’s Deals” if you are spontaneous and want to have a discount! Also available as an app.


AirBnB provides the opportunity to feel like at home in a new country. Private people can advertise their available living space, whether it be a free room or a complete house. This is often a cheaper alternative to hotels and you get in contact with locals right away. If you didn’t sign up yet, you can get 30€ travel credit here. Also available as an app.


With Couchsurfing you have the opportunity to stay at the place of a friend you haven’t met yet. Friendly people around the world offer their couch (or sometimes also a free room) and invite travellers to their home. You can say thank you with joint activities, interesting conversations about different cultures or a home-cooked meal. Also available as an app.

If you love animals, this is an interesting possibility for you to find an accommodation for free. Private people are searching for a pet-sitter as long as they are on holiday themselves. The pet-sitter can use their house/apartment in return for looking after their pets. You don’t like animals? Sometimes there are offers where you just need to take care of a house!


Megabus is a remote bus company that operates in the USA, Canada and the UK. You can get especially cheap tickets when you book a few months in advance. Also available as an app.

Flixbus is the European version of Megabus. This remote bus company is one of the cheapest ways to cover longer distances in Europe. Also available as an app.

If you are searching for bus, train or ferry tickets in South East Asia, Easybook is the site for you. You will find a big selection on available busses, cheap prices and an easy booking process. Also available as an app.

Bla Bla Car is especially popular in Europe. Here you can find rideshares from private people who have free seats in their car for a certain route and offer these against a fee. Also available as an app.

Kangaride (English version) or Amigoexpress (French version) is a Canadian online platform for rideshares. Private people offer their free seats in their car for a certain route against a fee.

Rome2rio finds the best transport possibilities to get from A to B. Whether flight, train or bus, it shows the respective duration and the approximate price. Also available as an app.

With ViaMichelin you can plan your journeys by car in detail. Just enter your starting point and destination and it will show the distance, time, cost of fuel and possible toll roads on the route. Also available as an app.

Seat61 is specialized on journeys by train or ferry. Here you will find all information to every possible train connection, like the duration, prices and where you can buy tickets.

Rental Cars

Auto Europe

On Autoeurope you can search for a suitable rental car in almost every country in the world. It belongs to the cheapest providers of rental cars.

Turo is the “AirBnB” of cars, so to speak. Private people advertise their own cars for rent. Until now this website only operates for the USA and Canada, but I hope that this concept will spread to other countries soon as it is by far cheaper than a normal rental car. Also available as an app.

On Imoova you can find so-called relocations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. It is about mobile homes that need to be returned from a certain place to its point of departure. For that you are given a few days time. You can use the mobile home for yourself, you just need to deliver it at the agreed time. And the best: As it is not a normal rental, you just pay from $ 1 per day. Also available as an app.


Workaway is looking for voluntary workers for all kinds of institutions and activities. No matter if as an English teacher for children in a school, as a helper on a farm or as a babysitter – there is for sure something you are experienced in. For that you get free accommodation and sometimes also free meals.

WWOOF stands for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Here you have the opportunity to work on an ecological farm as a voluntary worker in return for board and lodging.

On HelpX you will find offers for volunteering where you get accommodation and meals for free. It is ideal when you want to save your travel funds and gain new experiences.

Additional Useful Websites

Yelp publishes crowd-sourced reviews about restaurants, bars, shops and so on. It is ideal when you are new to a place and don’t want to eat out or go shopping at a venture but want to be sure in advance, that there is something good waiting for you. Also available as an app.

The name already reveals everything: Here you can see the tap water quality of different cities. In places with drinkable tap water you can save a lot of money on bottled water. Moreover, you can find out where you need to be careful. (This not only applies to drinking itself, but also to ice cubes, brushing your teeth, etc.).


I have my travel health insurance at ADAC. For short-term as well as long-term journeys ADAC is the by far cheapest option for me in comparison to other insurance providers, especially when your trip includes North America. I already had to report an insurance case during my journey and they handled everything without any problem. Also available as an app.

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my website. Using these links will help me keep my website going. It is important to me to only recommend companies or products that helped me personally to simplify my journeys.


  1. A great article to keep saved oy phone as I travel! I only knew about a few sites/apps… now I have some exploring to do. Thanks for the tips Gonçalo!

    1. Hi Lela and thank you so much for your comment, I’m super happy that this information can help you on your journeys! Every time I know about a new one I will actualize this post 🙂

  2. Thank you for this great resource! I have used Kayak, Airbnb, Yelp, and But I was unaware of the other sites. I will sure revisit this list when planning my next trip.

  3. I totally used to rely on Google flights. But after reading your article, I’m gonna try other sites too. Thanks for sharing it. 😊

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