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I have turned my passion into my purpose in life and I want to show you how I managed to visit more than 50 countries in the last 10 years without winning the lottery. I have looked into so many sceptical faces when I was talking about how little money I have spent for my journeys and what I have experienced nevertheless, or perhaps exactly for that reason. On the road I have already helped a lot of people to make their life easier and cheaper while travelling. Now I want to share my Travel Tools with as many people as possible. On this site I will show you everything I made my dreams come true with.

Great Wall at JinShanLing – China

Travelling was really never my dream...
Now I can't live without it!

I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal and until I was 21 years old, I only visited exactly 2 countries – Portugal and Spain. Everything I knew about the world outside my own country I learned from TV. And it never came to my mind to see it any other way than on a screen. After all, for me and for everybody i knew, travelling was synonymous with having a lot of money .

During my studies, I got the opportunity to spend a year abroad in Italy. Since I came into contact with other students from different countries there, I started to visit countless cities and regions in Europe. I caught the travel bug and wanted more and more. Finally, my ultimate dream came to life: Until 18. July 2035 (my 50. birthday) I want to visit all 197 countries of the earth (I believe I‘m not doing a bad job so far).

Before travelling I could never save a cent, but after understanding that my passion is visiting the world, I had to learn with my mistakes and develop strategies to save money.


Having fun with locals in Malapascua - Philippines

Starting a new chapter in life

In 2016, I started to take my life dream even more serious. After being a beginner nomad since 2008 (I have lived in 5 different countries), I wanted to take the experience to another level.

I wanted to do something big, something crazy – a journey around the world.

After 2 years of planning, it began on 12. June 2016, I had quit my job, started my 1-year world trip with my girlfriend and left Europe for the first time in my life. In that year I have learned so much about other cultures, about myself and of course countless tricks how to make travelling easier so that I could enjoy it as much as possible.

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park - New Zealand

The reason WHY I started The Travel Tool

I started this blog because through the years I got to know people who inspired me in different parts of my life. One of them was traveling, which became my passion and I can even say my addiction.

I have always tried to simplify travelling, so I decided to create a list of Travel Tools that helped me to visit so many cultures on 4 different continents. As a lot of people already know me as „the travel guy“, I get asked regularly how I manage to travel so cheaply. So I thought, why should I only help people who already know me with fulfilling their dreams, if I can create a platform where I can reach everybody who is interested in my experiences and wants to learn from them?

Traveling is more than a hobby, it’s education. It makes us see the world from another perspective, it makes us ambitious to see and discover more. In addition to that, travelling gave me the wish to help others, because I got help from so many people on my journeys.

Having a meal with the Cambodian Army in Koh Ta Kiev - Cambodia

What do I write about on The Travel Tool?

Definition „Tool“

  • Something that helps you to do a particular activity

After all, my site is meant exactly for that. I am giving you all the necessary „tools“ to help you with planning and traveling. Then you just need to use them! If you are overwhelmed by all the information in the internet, don‘t give up. Here I will cover everything you need to know. Maybe you have already wondered about the following:

„How much does a journey around the world/a journey of several months cost and how can I save money before and during the trip?“

„Where do I find the best flights, accommodation, transports, etc.?“

„What should I take with me?“

„How do I start planning my journey?“

„How do I find the best places for me?“

„How do I get to know other travellers and locals and how can I really immerse in a new culture?“

I guess everybody has these questions in the beginning. And everybody has doubts as to if they can and should really do it. Actually, you only need one very important thing: your willpower. If this journey is your dream and if you really want to do it, then everything related to it will be fun. I have fun planning my journeys and using everything I am writing about on The Travel Tool. Put your doubts aside and start planning and dreaming. Why should you waste your one, precious life on something you are not passionate about? Play the lead role in your own life!

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